Recent Articles 

Rising Tides: The Effects of Climate Change on Small Island States

In recent years, climate change has taken a heavy toll on low-lying countries, killing thousands and displacing millions.  Conna Walsh examines the common plight of Small Island Developing States (SIDS), and calls on the international community to help keep these countries afloat.  

Making a Mockery of the World's Oldest Democracy

Greece seems to be on the road to recovery - the fascist Golden Dawn party has been suppressed, the recent Greek bond placement was a success, and the erosion of its GDP is slowing. However, in the light of Baltakos-Gate, a scandal surrounding a high-powered Greek politician, and two studies published by Amnesty International, it appears that the judicial and policing systems are rife with corruption. Zander Abranowicz examines the allegations. 

Easing German Fears

Max Brashear examines the possible repercussions of EU and American sanctions on Russia. Germany, one of Russia's foremost trading partners, may have the most to risk in pursuing a sanctions route to economically isolate Russia.

North Korea's "Routine" Provocations

A series of recent provocations from North Korea have once again put the international community on high alert.  Zihao Lui explains why the United States and South Korea should continue their military exercises, in spite of North Korea’s incessant saber rattling.  

In Brazil, A Legacy of Authoritarianism

Demetri Papageorgiou illuminates the uncomfortable parallel between the 1960s Brazilian dictatorship's tactics of social control and those employed by the current Brazilian government in an effort to "sanitize" Brazil's streets in preparation for this summer's World Cup. With economic policy and national reputation once again at stake, President Rousseff toes an unexpectedly narrow line between democracy and authoritarianism.