Recent Articles 

The Enemy of my Enemy

In his first article of the semester, Lucas Png presents the case for American intervention in Iraq and Syria to combat the IS. He argues that in order to achieve their aims, President Obama must join forces with Bashar al-Assad, the much maligned premier of Syria.

In South Africa, a Changing Political Landscape

With the African National Congress’ (ANC) victory and the inauguration of Jacob Zuma for a second term as president, the South African elections in May seemingly delivered the expected results.  But in reality they are far from ordinary as a new party, the far left Economic Freedom Fighters, has emerged and could pose a serious challenge to the ANC's hegemony. 

Stepping Down from the Pedestal

It turns out that Twitter and a little bit of positive reinforcement were all that Americans needed to like soccer. Thanks to social media, better broadcasting, and a gradual demographic shift, this World Cup marked the arrival of Americans on the world cultural scene.

Engaging Iraq in the Age of Digital Extremism

The prevalence of extremist content on social media poses a unique dilemma for governments and online networking sites alike.  To combat groups like ISIS, the United States must leverage its intelligence-gathering capabilities and engineer a common protocol with Silicon Valley for managing the digital media of foreign terrorist organizations. 

Terror on Twitter

For most people, Twitter is a website where teenagers can share lyrics and engage in heated arguments over Justin Bieber.  For others, however, it serves as a strategic tool for planning and conducting terrorism.