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Victory at the polls, but trouble ahead

Last week, elections in Ukraine were swept by a combination of parties all in favor of establishing closer ties with Europe.  Although this can be seen as nothing less than great news for Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko, Chris Rodriguez cautions that darker times may be on the horizon for the Ukrainian leader if the situation in the east of the country isn't brought under control soon.

Ebola: Security Threat or Public Health Threat?

Richard Wang examines the rhetoric surrounding the Ebola outbreak in West Africa in western nations, interrogating if current framing of the disease is leading to effective policy responses. 

Crippling Oil Prices Will Not Cripple America

Puneet Brar considers the impact of falling oil prices on global affairs

Balkan Tensions Revived by Soccer Stunt

At a soccer match between Albania and Serbia earlier this month in Belgrade, chaos broke out after fans of the visiting side perpetrated a bizarre stunt involving a miniature drone.  Jacob Brunell takes a closer look at what happened on the field that day, and what the consequences of the event's aftermath will be on relations between the two historically estranged Balkan nations.  

Afghanistan: Following Iraq's Path?

Even as American forces seek to wind down the mission in Afghanistan, a renewed campaign in Iraq grows in intensity. With Iraq returning to civil war, Chris Newton contemplates whether Afghanistan, after 13 years of foreign intervention, will meet the same fate.