Recent Articles 

Challenges to American Naval Dominance

The exhibition of the Shenyang J-31, China’s second domestic stealth fighter, is the most recent effort by the People’s Liberation Army to expand China’s strategic capability into the Pacific. Kwame Newton argues that the rapid modernization of China’s military threatens the future of American naval dominance in East Asia.

Downturn in Japan: Who Benefits?

Recent measures taken by Japan's government to bring its debt under control have had significant consequences on the ground for Japan.  Chris Rodriguez examines the consequences of this downturn both in Japan and abroad.

In Russia, Punishing the Unsanctionable

President Vladimir Putin of Russia departed early from this month’s G-20 summit in Australia after world leaders criticized his conduct in Ukraine. Ali Peterson discusses the impact (or lack thereof) of economic sanctions on Russia, and argues that Western leaders must reevaluate their policy toward Moscow. 

Obama and the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Demetri Papageorgiou evaluates the effects of President Obama's failure to attain TPA, and the associated stagnation in the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations, blaming their failure on the secrecy, corporate bias and diplomatic shortsightedness of American trade negotiations.

A Meeting in China: Part of Something Bigger

While the American public is focused on the climate deal that emerged from the APEC summit last week, Chris Rodriguez focuses on another aspect of the meeting that perhaps should be getting more attention.