Recent Articles 

As China’s Growth Slows, Asian Rivals Vie for Power

The evidence is clear.  The Chinese economic powerhouse is slowing down.  Who will step in to fill the void?  

Beijing Prepares for APEC 2014

Conna Walsh considers the challenges facing Beijing in anticipation of the upcoming APEC summit, and projects an increase in economic cooperation, despite ongoing territorial conflict in the region. 

"Love Jihad" - Correcting Desire through Narrative

This Monday, a young Indian woman, from the northern province of Uttar Pradesh, retracted a statement made in August, which had accused a Muslim man of abducting, raping, and forcefully converting her to Islam for marriage. According to Thea Walsh, the notion of “love jihad” can be viewed as a nationalist ploy to promote a singular definition of belonging in Indian society.  

Banned bombs in Ukraine

Richard Wang examines the use of cluster munitions by the Ukrainian government, and how the international community and Ukraine should respond.

Walk a Mile in My Shoes

Demetri Papageorgiou discusses the Western caricature of Vladimir Putin and how it has prevented us from understanding Russia's motivations in Ukraine. Citing American exceptionalism, he bewails the lack of administrative foresight, and explains the lack of defined action against Russian 'imperialism'.