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Merits of Online Time Clock

It is a fact that the online time clock is now majorly used in the offices. A lot of employers have embraced this software given that it makes it possible for employees to keep time as well as improve on their attendance. Below are the merits that the online time clock has.

One of the primary advantage of the online time clock is its ability to automatically save records. Given that it is an automated system, then it means that there are completely no chances of manual error. There is therefore a lot of time that is saved that would have rather seen the employees doing a lot of manual work. There will therefore be no need of adding more employees to do the manual job.

The online time clock system also makes it possible for employees to be paid in due time and also increases the chances that there is no error. The clock keeps track of the hours an employee has worked as well as the number of days that they have worked. It is completely easy to use the online time clock given that there are no passwords used or the need of a card. Given that there are no errors whatsoever made on the payment spreadsheets, an employee receives payment for the time they worked.

It is a fact that some employees cover their coworkers by using their ID cards to check in yet they have not availed themselves to the office. Given that the online time clock does not require the identity cards of the employees, such cases have been gotten rid of. Through this system, an employer is able to know who was in the office and should be paid accordingly and whoever was not will not receive any pay at all.

As much as the online time clock is of benefit to the employers it equally is to the employees since it enables them to feel that they are getting fair treatment at work. It is now possible to pay coworkers differently depending on how they perform their responsibilities and hence reduces the possibility of one lazing around and being paid the same amount as the hardworking employees. The system ensures that every employee is paid according to their effort in the office. It is notable that there are employees that work overtime and sometimes do not receive any form of appreciation because it is not recognized, the online time clock system however keeps track of such individuals and hence they can be rewarded accordingly. Every employee is motivated to work hard and more when their efforts are appreciated hence leading to job satisfaction.

In summary, the online time clock has benefits to both the staff members and their employers. The employer gets an advantage such as the cutting down on the managerial costs while the employee feels satisfied with the rewards on their efforts.

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