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Why Increased Solar Power Generation is a Benefit to Everyone

Many countries around the world are steadily replacing their antiquated utility systems with renewable energy sources. Unfortunately, the United States has historically lagged behind in this effort and continues to do so at least in how the federal government contributes. Too often the companies that rely on fossil fuels monopolize the discussion, spread false stories and overemphasize the affordability of their option. Here is what people need to know.

The End is Near

This is not a doomsday prediction, it is a reality check. The amount of retrievable fossil fuels left on the planet is diminishing quickly. Experts estimate that oil has about 190 years left and 230 years remain for natural gas. Coal mining could actually continue for many centuries. The problem with coal is that it is one of the worst air polluters of all energy sources and the toxins it releases causes asthma, cancer and neurological disorders among many other health concerns.

Solar Energy has Improved

Solar technology is more efficient and affordable. New installations of plants around the country make Solar power generation more abundant than ever. Many states in the country are investing in these systems to help improve their air quality, save money and to offer options for their residents. It is not just sunny states like Hawaii and California. Even in snowy New England and Colorado, the investments in this technology continue to grow.

Jobs Will Still Exist

One of the scare tactics used by the fossil fuel industry is the threat of widespread unemployment. There is no question that jobs in the oil, coal and gas industry will disappear. These jobs will then be replaced with work in the renewable energy industry. Nearly five million jobs already exist in this industry and more are planned. The range of work from builders, shippers and executives are similar to what is found in the fossil fuel industry.

Solar power and all other forms of renewable energy are the future of energy production. If the government refuses to stop subsidizing a dying industry and fails to recognize the benefits of solar, the United States could be left so far behind that it will struggle to retain its “superpower” status.